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•ICI College can help you to develop your Bible-Theological-Ministry knowledge where it matters most: your home, your church. Could you benefit from growing in a deepened understanding of God’s Word without having to be dislocated from your home or church?

•ICI College can provide your Church Board with the means to ensure that you are engaging in the most up-to-date professional development training. Could your Church and Board benefit from investing into your ministry?

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MOTIVATION is one of the most challenging aspects of doing Distance Education. Many students find it difficult to study on their own without the imposed discipline of regular class times. Distance Education is not for everyone – but the skills required to do it are almost identical to the skills involved in being in full-time / bi-vocational pastoral ministry. These include: time management, scheduling, professional development, Bible Study, reflection, sermon preparation, and pastoral writing. Therefore, doing your ministry training in the context of Distance Education gives a pastor/pastoral candidate a huge advantage. 


Tips For Being Motivated To Study

  1. Be active daily. Even if it means you only read a page of your Independent Study Text (IST) or textbook.
  2. Repetition and Revision are the keys to learning. Even if you’ve read it, think you already know it, there is always something you miss the first time through.
  3. Teach what you’ve learned so far. The BEST way to learn is to teach!
  4. Be ruthless. Turn off your phone, close Facebook and eMail, don’t have the TV or music going – despite what most of us think, our brains DO NOT have the capacity to multi-task. Our brains are designed to think linearly – one thing at a time in sequential order.



Mike H.

This is Mike from Sydney. Mike pastors a church, works as an electrician, and is studying with ICI College Australia toward his Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology. At times he finds it difficult to balance all three as well as be the father to a growing family. But he is one of our most persistent students. Well done Mike!

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ICI College Australia display at a local church

ICI College Australia display at a local church