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2024 Prospectus

Up to Undergraduate Level Studies

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This Prospectus details four of our programs:

  • The Christian Life Program
  • The Christian Service Program
  • Advanced Certificates
  • Undergraduate Subject Programs

A brief overview of each is below.

Christian Life Certificate

This program is designed for those seeking to lay an initial foundation of discipleship. It gives the student an overview of the Bible, basic Christian doctrine, and what Christ expects of a new Christian.

Christian Life Courses come printed in a conveniently size to fit in your bag, case or even pocket.



Christian Life Courses come printed in a conveniently size to fit in your bag, case or even pocket.

Christian Service Certificate

The Christian Service Certificate is designed for local church leaders to receive an adequate grounding in how to read, understand and apply the Scriptures. It also provides an overview of essential Christian doctrine and how some Christians differ on these key issues. This program also involves the requirements for developing Christian character, especially in service within the local church.

Advanced Certificates

Advanced Certificates are collections of degree level subjects. These Certificate programs are ideal for Pastors seeking to further their professional development.

Bachelor Degrees

slider2-1200x514ICI College Australia delivers Global University’s Bachelors degrees.Individuals who have already earned a Bachelor’s Degree (such as a B.A., B.S.) may earn a Second B.A. (Bible/Theology,) Intercultural Studies, or Christian Education with ICI College by completing the ‘major’ component of their chosen second degree. The Second Degree requires 50 credits. Students with prior academic study in Bible, Theology, or Church Ministries may apply for advanced standing, however, a minimum of 32 degree credits must be taken with Global University through ICI College to earn a Second B.A.

B.A. Programs Offered:ici-college-australia-10

  • B.A. Degree in Bible and Theology 
  • B.A. Degree in Intercultural Studies
  • B.A. Degree in Christian Education