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ICI College National Administrator, Kim Corbett, assisting at the ICI College table

ICI College National Administrator, Kim Corbett, assisting at the ICI College table

The Berean School of the Bible is a program of study at Diploma Level. Programs are divided into Sequences. On conclusion of all Sequences, in either the Ministerial Studies or Bible and Doctrine Studies, the student will receive a Diploma. This is an American Diploma. (It is not an undergraduate level program – you will find undergraduate Diplomas in chapter 5 of this Prospectus). ‘Adult Continued Education’ diplomas are an excellent basis for lay persons wishing to be a active in the pulpit ministry of their church. These courses can be done fully online or with printed study guides. The electronic formats are in PDF, ePub or Kindle. Although these are diploma level, Global University offers a transfer of 1 credit per subject completed (with a minimum grade of 80%) into the elective component of our undergraduate programs.

A new ICI College Student getting inspired

A new ICI College Student getting inspired

As the student completes each sequence of the Ministerial Studies Program, the student is awarded a Certificate. On completion of the Ministerial Studies program (all the sequences), the student will have mastered basic Bible content (Old and New Testaments), theological principles, and practical ministry skills for service in a church leadership position. Level One (Sequence 1) equips a student with a working knowledge of Bible study methods, New Testament content, Pentecostal doctrine and basic skills needed to begin serving in a ministerial role in the local church. By completion of Level Two (sequence 2) of the Ministerial Certificate a student will have studied specific Bible content, systematic theology, and ministry skills. Level Three (sequence 3) introduces the more difficult books of the Bible, advanced theological concepts, and administrative skills required for many ministerial roles.


ICi College Enquirers

ICi College Enquirers

The Bible and Doctrine Diploma gives students a foundational knowledge of theology and the Bible that will help them in lay ministry roles, sharing the gospel, and in their devotional life.

Study Individually Or As A Group

These courses can be undertaken individually or as a group.

Diploma of Ministerial Studies

Sequence 1 of Diploma of Ministerial Studies

BIB114 – Christ in the Synoptic Gospels

THE114 – Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine

BIB115 – Acts: The Holy Spirit at Work in Believers

BIB117 – Prison Epistles: Colossians, Philemon, Ephesians, and Philippians

BIB121 – Introduction to Hermeneutics: How to Interpret the Bible

MIN123 – The Local Church in Evangelism

THE411 – The Church: Pentecost to Reformation

THE181 – Relationships and Ethics in Ministry

MIN191 – Beginning Ministerial Internship

Sequence 2 of Diploma of Ministerial Studies

THE211 – Introduction to Theology: Pentecostal Perspective

BIB212 – New Testament Survey

BIB214 – Old Testament Survey

BIB215 – Romans: Justification by Faith

MIN223 – Introduction to Homiletics

THE245 – Eschatology

MIN251 – Effective Leadership

(MIN261 – Intro to AOG Missions)

MIN281 – Conflict Management for Church Leaders

MIN291 – Intermediate Ministerial Internship

Sequence 3 of Diploma of Ministerial Studies

THE311 – Prayer and Worship

BIB313 – Corinthian Correspondence

BIB318 – Pentateuch

BIB322 – Poetic Books

MIN325 – Preaching in the Contemporary World

MIN327 – Church Administration, Finance and Law

MIN381 – Pastoral Ministry

MIN391 – Advanced Ministerial Internship