What Is An ICI College Australia Learning Centre?

A new ICI College Student getting inspired

A new ICI College Student getting inspired

An ICI College Learning Centre is sanctioned by ICI College Australia to deliver its courses to a group of students to study together. Learning Centres can use Christian Life Studies, Christian Service Studies, Berean Diplomas or programmes that use undergraduate subjects – the Advanced Certificates, Diplomas and Bachelor Degrees. This manual is for a Berean Certificate or Berean Diploma programme Learning Centre. Students can study with the Learning Center either for credit or just for their own enrichment.

ICI College Learning Centres can deliver our courses, the teaching material, to students who meet together regularly, where-

a) a facilitator gives a presentation of the study-guide material or a sanctioned DVD OR

b) the students have completed the lesson and come where a facilitator promotes discussion and fields questions OR

c) the students all come together so they can work quietly in a group setting, so as to motivate and encourage each other OR

d) a combination of the above.

Find out more. Download our Learning Centre Manual.



Learning Centre students can receive-

• A group-study environment with a facilitator that promotes discussion and enhances the learning experience

• Motivation and encouragement simply from working together.

• A 10% discount on tuition if 5 or more students enroll in the same Berean subject together or a 20% discount on tuition if 10 or more students enrol in the same Berean subject at the same time.

• The option for the facilitator to administer all students’ exams simultaneously.

Find out more. Download our Learning Centre Manual.

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