Dr. Andrew Corbett, National President of ICI College Australia
Dr. Andrew Corbett, National President of ICI College Australia

About ICI Theological College – Leaders in Theological, Biblical, Ministry Distance Education.

ICI College Australia is one of the leaders in Theological Distance Education. It commenced in 1976 and was originally based in Katoomba, New South Wales. In the early 1990s it was relocated to Chester Hill in Sydney. In 2003 it was moved to Tasmania. The College has graduated thousands of students around Australia. Our courses are developed by some of the world’s leading Theologians and Scholars. We offer courses that range from pre-evangelism through to Post-Graduate level studies. While we are a leading Distance Education provider, there are several ‘Learning Centres’ around Australia which also deliver our courses.


Study at the Degree level, you apply to either study a subject or to undertake a program. In this instance a program of study might be an Advanced Certificate In The Christian Mission, or it might be a Bachelor of Arts In Bible and Theology.

Once student’s enrolment and program application is approved, a sequence of studies is then provided to the student. Usually this initially involves undertaking Orientation To Global University (GUO1002). This subject is conveniently supplied in a two-ring binder (referred to an Independent Study Text, “IST”) and is accompanied by a required reading textbook (How To Read A Book by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles van Doren). The IST is divided into easy to read lessons. These lessons are grouped into units. There are short self-tests at the end of each lesson and a Unit Test at the end of each Unit which is sent to our office. The IST helps the student to not only understand the subject matter but also to be able to pass the multiple-choice exam at the completion of the subject. The exam is worth 80% of the subject’s final grade.

The other 20% of the subject’s evaluation is comprised of a Project. The Project involves essay writing.

Most subjects have an ‘upgrade’ option whereby the student can undertake to do a Collateral Reading Assignment (CRA). There is a very specific set of CRA questions which the student must complete to do the CRA.

Most of the student’s work is submitted to our office electronically and is generally marked and graded within 72 hours.