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ICI College Australia has partnered with the Acts 2 Alliance to develop their official ministerial training program. Professional Pastoral Leadership training is not a guarantee of ministry longevity – but a lack of Pastoral Leadership training will almost certainly prevent it! While most ministry training programs emphasize the aspects of Theological, Biblical, and Ministry training, too few programs integrate these aspects into the practical application of Pastoral leadership. The issues that often lead to pastors losing their heart for vocation are rarely Theological, Biblical, or even Ministry related. Most commonly it comes down to conflicts of various kinds which prevent pastors from enduring and churches from prevailing. The A2A Minister Induction and Training Development Program not only utilises some of the highest accredited training resources available, it also encompasses an internship component and several key intensives that equip the A2A minister with the resources to endure and thrive in their ministry while being involved in building prevailing churches.

The local church rises or falls on the strength of its leadership. A2A is committed to equipping and developing local church leaders who can endure and lead churches which prevail. Giftedness and calling alone are not sufficient to ensure this. It requires that leaders be invested with  certain knowledge, wisdom and character. Accordingly, the A2A Pastoral Leadership Development Program is comprised of the following subjects and training modules.

Each of these courses, unless otherwise indicated, are accredited with Global University. (Springfield, Missouri) and administered in Australia via ICI College Australia which is one of only five tertiary education providers in Australia to be awarded the highest international accreditation for Distance Education. Courses are not currently registered with the TEQSA, and are therefore not presently eligible for Government financial assistance, and therefore do not incur a HECs fee. 

God’s Word is the ultimate authority for doctrine, ministry practice, and life itself. The Minister is firstly a minister of God’s Word. Because we are separated by thousands of years of history from the events and recording of Scripture, it is necessary for the minister to be trained to understand the historical, cultural and  social background to the books for the Bible.
Global University Course Code Course Title Course Description
BIB212 New Testament Survey An overview of each book of the New Testament giving the background of the author, occasion, theme, audience, and message.
BIB214 Old Testament Survey An overview of each book of the Old Testament giving the background of the sections, authors, occasion, theme, audience, and message.
BIB115 Acts: The Holy Spirit At Work In Believers An overview of the book of Acts giving the background to the sections, author, occasion, theme, audience, and message.
BIB215 Romans: Justified By Faith An examination of the Epistle which best gives the doctrines of salvation by grace through faith and looks at the background of the occasion, theme, audience, and message.


Theology is the study of God and His heart which informs us about God’s will and ways as it affects what we believe and how we are to live.
Global University Course Code Course Title Course Description
THE211 Introduction To Theology: Pentecostal Perspective A Pentecostal perspective on Theology draws attention to God’s dynamic dealings with mankind through His unfolding plan of redemption enabled by the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit.
BIB121 Introduction To Hermeneutics Hermeneutics is the artful science of Biblical interpretation. This course introduces the student to the essential principles involved in rightly understanding God’s Word and how this applies to believers today.
CS414 The Church An examination of the purpose, mission, ministries, ordinances of the local Church.
Eschatology (Video lectures) An examination of Eschatology particularly examining the Book of Revelation looking at the background of the occasion, theme, audience, and message and its application today.


Ministry is serving those God has entrusted to our care. Our ministry is build, guard, strengthen, weed, and console. Ministry is simply another way of saying loving discipleship. 
Global University Course Code Course Title Course Description
MIN223 Introduction To Homiletics An introduction to various aspects of preaching God’s Word.
MIN115 A Servant’s Guide To Christian Counselling An introduction to the principles and practices of counselling pastorally.
MIN 381 Pastoral Ministry Pastoral ministry is a learned art. It involves a demonstration of care and interest of Christ for His people.
Ministerial Duties Conducting: Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Child Dedications (Two day Intensive)


Most of the discouraging challenges faced by pastoral leaders has little to do with Theology or Biblical discussion. Rather, it is most commonly about interactions with people, especially when conflict is involved. 
Global University Course Code Course Title Course Description
MIN191 Beginning Ministerial Internship 1 An internship program with a practicum component.
Leadership Skills This is a two day intensive leadership class which deals with several of the key roles of pastoral leadership including: Training leaders, running Board meetings, planning, Conflict Resolution, and Ministerial Ethics.
The DNA of An Acts 2 Church This is a two day seminar exploring the values, mission, and culture of what it means to be an Acts 2 church.


The Program is comprised of 15 units and can reasonably be completed within two years. Students have up to six months to complete ICI College subjects. With the exception of CS414 (The Church) and the A2A Intensives, all subjects carry university credits with Global University and can be awarded as Elective credits toward a Global University academic award (such as a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology). 



These fees can be paid per subject or as an entire program. Payment can be made via credit card, cheque or electronic deposit. Churches can be invoiced for these fees on a 14 day account. Prices and Courses are subject to change.



Enrolment application fee with ICI College Australia


All ICI College Australia subjects
(with the exception of CS414 which is $60)

– Includes Study Guide, Tuition, Marking, and online digital access (including online access to the exams)

$110 ($100 for A2A ministers)

Required Textbooks

Ranges between 

$40 – $80

per book





We offer Course Programs at three levels. For those looking for an initial foundation to their faith in Christ and the God of the Bible, then the Christian Life Program is ideal. There are many churches who use the ICI/Global Christian Life Program as their initial Discipleship and New Christian Follow-Up Program. For those who have a grounding in the Bible and have some understanding of the essentials of the Christian Faith, then The Christian Service Program is ideal. It is the equivalent of many Diploma of Ministry Programs offered by other Colleges. It is comprised of 18 subjects. Most subjects are sourced entirely within a Study Guide. Each successful subject completed earns the student a College Credit. Students are required to submit Unit Tests and sit an exam for each subject. For those looking to qualify for a Ministry Credential, we offer several Theological Degrees detailed below. Only a few of the subjects within our degree programs do not have an additional textbook.

Berean School of The Bible


SPIRITUAL LIFE Your New Life (Ideal starting point for New Christians)
  When You Pray
  God’s Design, Your Choice
THE BIBLE Your Bible
  How To Study The Bible
  John’s Gospel
  Your Helpful Friend
  We Believe
  Christian Worship
  What Churches Do
SERVICE Personal Evangelism
  Christian Workers
  The Teaching Ministry
  Marriage and Family
  The Christian In His Community

Cost per Subject (6 months enrolment) …………………………………..$35.00
(Includes an ICI self-paced Study Guide, tuition, marking & postage)

Application Fee ………………………………………………………………..$10.00
(Once off payment to start the programme: Includes registration & graduation)

Enrolment only per subject …………………………………………………$15.00
(No study guide supplied, for those who already have access to one).



This program is geared toward to training those who serve in a local church.

SPIRITUAL LIFE Christian Maturity
  Prayer & Worship
  The Responsible Christian
THE BIBLE Kingdom, Power & Glory
  Tents, Temples & Palaces
  Understanding the Bible
THEOLOGY Cornerstones of Truth
  Alive in Christ
  Counselor, Teacher & Guide
THE CHURCH Christian Church in Ministry
  Starting new Churches
  Helping Christians Grow
SERVICE Spiritual Gifts
  Preaching & Teaching
  Sharing the Good News
CHRISTIAN ETHICS Solving Life’s Problems
  People, Tasks & Goals
  Abundant Living

Cost per Subject (6 months enrolment) ……………………………….$85.00
(Includes an ICI self-paced Study Guide, tuition, marking & postage)

Application Fee ………………………………………………………………..$35.00
(Once off payment to start the programme:
Includes registration, graduation & transfer of credit fees)

Extension fee (2 months) per subject …………………………………$30.00



We offer Undergraduate Courses in several ways. Firstly, we offer Advanced Certificates.

ADVANCED CERTIFICATES 1. The Bible Interpreter (7 subjects)
  2. The Christian Communicator (7 subjects)
  3. The Christian Mission (7 subjects)
  4. Bible And Theology (14 subjects)

Secondly, we offer two Diploma Programs- A Diploma of Theology (33 subjects) and a Diploma of Ministry (26 subjects).

Thirdly we offer three Degree Programs (Bible & Theology, Intercultural Studies, Religious Education) and a B.A. Honours Program. Download our Prospectus for all the details of these programs.

Cost per Subject (6 months enrolment) ……………………………….$345.00
(Includes an ICI self-paced Study Guide, tuition, marking & postage)

Application Fee ………………………………………………………………..$50.00
(Once off payment to commence the programme:
Includes registration, graduation & transfer of credits where applicable)

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