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An update from Kim – Student Services

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Survey – Graduations – Website Upgrade -Free Discipleship book– Office Closed

ICI College closed 

We will be attending our church denomination’s National Conference in October, so ICI will be shut for one week. If you require to sit an exam during that time or begin a new subject, please arrange it with Kim prior to this date.

Recommended Websites

Several websites exist to help pastors and thinkers. Let me recommend a few:

FTM -contemporary and controversial issues from a Biblical perspective  intended to touch the heart and the intellect. RZIM-logo2


STR – building Christian thinkers for the public defense of Christianity.
RTB – integrating science and faith  – Sermons and Bible study curriculum.AndrewCorbett

Revamped website

We have been busy re-vamping the ICI College website. Check it out!

My Research survey

Thank you to the Berean and Undergraduate students who have responded to the survey. There are still another few days for the surveys to be completed. I really need more students to respond to make my assignment useful. Please check the email I sent you, I can resend it you if you would like or use this ridiculously long URL

So far one of the most noticeable results is that everybody loves the flexibility of our programs. Another area of interest is that the lower scores recorded were for ease of use of the library. I will see if this is an area I need to address with Global University as the results continue to come in.

Undergraduate students

Many are now making use of the online exams … mainly because they want the extra study time in this busy part of the year.


Congratulations to Michael Hennessy, Veronica Mumharu and Paul Hester who have finished their undergraduate programs over the past few months. Great job!

Pastor Paul Hester receiving his Certificate
Pastor Paul Hester receiving his Certificate

Berean Diplomas 

Our newest programs, totally online (with optional hardcopy) is growing in popularity. Many students enjoy this level of learning – without the assignments of the undergraduate level. I often hear the envy of undergrad. students in this! The spoken application of the course is still required, though, as the aim of each of our study programs is to equip people to share Christ.


Christian Service Program 

Christian Service students who complete the old program and sit an exam have only 4 months to complete as many subjects as you would like before your equivalent one undergraduate credit opportunity kicks out.

We have some newer Christian Service students who are setting records in completing studies quickly – well done.

Christian Life Program 

Our church gives a printed copy of this first study to ‘nearly’ or new Christians. Many have become Christians through this first step in discipleship and it provides an excellent foundation to their new walk. To help you grow Christians, please find your free copy at  L1110 cover


Student Portals:

Download your study onto your computer, so it is accessible wherever you are.

To access your student portal: go to the Global University website and click on ‘Student Portal’. Type your 7 digit Student # (without the AUS), and password (1st two letters of your first and surname, last 4 digits of your student number). This service is open to all students in the (old) Christian Service program, Berean, undergraduate and graduate programs.

A Note from ICI President 


Everyone who preaches or has to speak publicly needs to carry a silver hammer. This is no ordinary hammer. Its job is not to hit things, but to disclose what might be hidden and to illicit a response. Those who are familiar with the Old Testament’s usage of silver will immediately recognise that there must be something redemptive about this special little hammer. Silver of course was the currency of redemption through the Old Testament. When used on the Scriptures, it is the means by which previously obscure things become clearer, and its pleasant resonance moves its hearers to respond.

Gary Seevers JrThe Preacher’s Tool

When a preacher takes this small silver hammer to a text of Scripture he will discover that the text gives up three things.

Firstly, its content – what the text says. Without the preacher’s use of the silver hammer of redemption a Biblical text might sound judgmental, irrelevant, and cold which means that the reader may actually miss its true content.

Secondly, its meaning – what the text intends to mean. Without the preacher’s use of the silver hammer of redemption, people may be left to falsely conclude that Scripture cannot be understood and no-one can correctly interpret the Bible. Using the silver hammer the context becomes clear, the language style is appreciated, and the intention of the text becomes more obvious.

Thirdly, its application – how the text summons us to follow Christ. The Apostle Paul concluded his Epistle to the Romans by telling them that the Old Testament Scriptures had been written and given to New Testament believer for our hope and encouragement (Rom. 15:4). Thus, nearly all Scripture has something to inform the believer about the richness of following Christ.

The next time you have to preach or speak in public, try using this little silver hammer and help your hearers to know what the Biblical text actually says, what it cannot mean and to understand what it does mean, and then what they should now do because of this knowledge and understanding.

Andrew Corbett

Global News

From the Global President

Global University has grown … We now enroll over 15,000 students in the US and over 6,700 students in various locations around the world, with hundreds of thousands more studying through the School of Evangelism and Discipleship and Berean levels of Bible study. Our focus at Global has always been people because that is the focus of the Great Commission. Global University, our alumni, partners, networks and friends are reaching the world in a way we only would have dreamed of 15 years ago. Look with me in anticipation to this new chapter in Global’s history and pray that God would move in mighty ways within the lives of all our students. 

Gary Seevers Jr.


Global University honored all of these students for their diligence in the pursuit of God’s call on their lives.

Next year’s  Commencement Ceremony [in the USA] will be June 16-17. Keep this date aside if you complete your Berean, Undergrad. or Graduate studies between May 1st 2015- April 30th 2016 and would like to join the celebrations.

Joel Ellis – V.P. Global Operations 

Graduate School of Global University: 

This school is now open to students in the US, Iran, China, Cuba, Indonesia and Australia. This year, we have an addition of three new programs: an MDiv and two doctorates. We also have 28 additional courses written and published. Carl Chrisner has now assumed other responsibilities as David De Garmo becomes Dean of the Graduate School.