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ICI College Australia provides Professional Pastoral Development

ICI College can provide your congregation with the Bible-Theological-Ministry Training needed to earn Certificates In Christian Service, Advanced Certificates in The Pentecostal Message where these awards earn credits toward higher awards. Imagine the benefit to people in your church who may have never studied at University when they earn credits toward higher awards!

To discover how ICI College Australia can help you, your Board, and your congregation and leaders, please contact us.

Did you know?

•ICI College can help you to develop your Bible-Theological-Ministry knowledge where it matters most: your home, your church. Could you benefit from growing in a deepened understanding of God’s Word without having to be dislocated from your home or church?

•ICI College can provide your Church Board with the means to ensure that you are engaging in the most up-to-date professional development training. Could your Church and Board benefit from investing into your ministry?


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ICI College graduating student

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